Inspection Authorization Program Details

The training program for the Inspection Authorization certificate takes 3-5 days although 4 days is typical. All trainings begin on Monday and we start at 8 a.m. and work until 5 p.m. There is a lot of material to work through and we want you to have plenty of time to get through it so you can take the exam at the end of training. Unlike other schools you might choose, there is no waiting or scheduling with other facilities when you take our IA training program.

We typically work through the material in the mornings and spend the afternoon time taking labs (practice tests).

IA Exam Requirements

In order to take the exam, the applicant must have an approved FAA Form 8610-1 (application for Inspection Authorization) and a valid form of identification.

Download the 8610-1 form and then contact your local FSDO to obtain approval.

The signed form is valid for 30 days, so it is important that you plan enough time to complete the course and exam prior to the form's expiration.

Recommended Materials

In addition to your signed 8610-1 form and a matching legal form of identification, we recommend bringing the following materials to the IA computer exam prep program:

  • A calculator (Texas Instrument TI-30XA is ideal)
  • Any highlighters, pens, pencils, and paper you use to study

A laptop computer is recommended but not necessary. You can use our computers or your own to study for the IA exam.

Condor Aircraft Technical School IA Guarantee

Cesar Zevallos, owner of Condor Aircraft Technical School, Boston, Massachusetts works closely with all applicants to ensure that they will pass the exam the first time. It's important to note that while we cannot guarantee you will pass the test, you may return to our school for additional training and preparation until you receive your IA certificate. We will help you study, re-schedule, and take the exam again so you can pass.