Designated Mechanic Examiner
Oral and Practical Exams (DME)

To become an aircraft mechanic, you have to attend an FAA Part147 school, but also you can get on the  job traning (OJT) experience, get paid while you train and get a chance to seat for the test after 30 months of OJT. Please give us a call for more details,

The A&P examination consist of a written, oral, and practical tests; a fee for each test is required. Written exams can be taken at any PSI approved FAA testing Center. The cost for a written exam is currently $165.00 each.

Designated Mechanic Examiner

A Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) provides the oral and practical test. The oral and practical examination is part of our class. Our school will coordinate with a DME and schedule an oral and practical examination. Condor Aircraft Technical Schol will train you to pass the test with the DME. The current cost for training is $1250. The following is a list of DME’s in the area. For the most current list go to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) webpage:

Please note:
Applicants must be advised that the FAA authorization to test is only valid for testing by a Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) who exercises privileges within the geographic area served by the FSDO where the authorization is granted. Should you wish to test with a DME in another district, additional FAA approval will be required. The DME must gain permission from their FSDO/international field office. If you are not from this local area (Santa Barbara, California) then please let us know in advance if you wish to use one of the above DME’s.

Condor Aircraft Technical School will soon be an authorized DME

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Having completed the course at Condor, I was very happy with the school and the fact that you can set your own pace as well as Caesar 's experience to help with any questions that come up.The course was very thorough and I completed the FAA computer in about an hour with no problems. I was prepared. The location could not be better as far as weather and location. The school also can set you up at a nice hotel just blocks from their location. I recommend it to anyone in the western states and Alaska for convenience ,quality and price.
Charles Cozad