Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Description

Aircraft mechanics are highly valued members of an airlines' critical chain of operations. Their primary responsibility is to perform preventative maintenance and responsible for ensuring the peak operation, performance, and safety of aircraft through servicing, repairing, overhauling, and testing.

  • Powerplant mechanics have the authority to work on engines. Their focus is on the powerplant of the aircraft - the engine and propellers.
  • Airframe mechanics have the authority to work on any part of an aircraft except the powerplant, instruments, and propellers.
  • Avionics technicians have the authority to repair and maintain the aircraft's avionics, the navigation, radio communications, weather radar, and other integral instrumentation of the aircraft.

The Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic certification combines all of the above and gives the holder the opportunity to work on civilian planes. A&P mechanics evaluate and service all parts of an aircraft, including:

  • Examining, repairing, and disassembling aircraft engines with specialized tools and instruments
  • Evaluating aircraft components for wear or corrosion, often with the use of X-ray or magnetic inspection equipment to detect invisible cracks
  • Repairing metal or composite exterior surfaces of an aircraft
  • Determining the condition of the aircraft for safe and optimal function by performing a battery of tests

Condor Aircraft Technical School in Santa Barbra, California can train you to earn your Airframe and Powerplant license and put your civilian or military aircraft maintenance experience to work for you.

A&P Training Program Costs

A&P Course Tuition for written test plus

A&P Course Tuition for Oral and Practical OP $ 2500.00

3 A&P Written Exams at FAA test center $165.00 each = $495.00:

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - General test
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Airframe test
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Powerplant test

Tuition must be paid in advance by money order, check, or credit card.

Upon payment of your tuition, the training program is scheduled and you'll take your computer exam at a facility next door to our school upon completion of the training program.